7 Weight Loss Ideas that Improve Your Health

7 Weight Loss Ideas that Improve Your Health

Seven things to try if you are working on losing some weight to feel better; feel less heavy (release the strain); improve your overall health; accomplish a goal; or just because you want to!

  1. Get that blood sugar under control! This includes all carbs and artificial sugar – not just the sugary white stuff. Struggling with this? Read J.J. Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet book (review to come). Good news about blood sugar leveling, you’ll feel better and more like exercising if that’s your goal. Already read it? Read it again.
  2. Get a Fitbit or Jawbone. Use it! 10k a day! You know why…
  3. Have a Fitbit or Jawbone? Use it! Compete with someone for daily or weekly step goals. My best inspiration is a friend 2 states away. Consider increasing your steps by 200 a day to 12k – that’s only a 2% increase OR increase cardio by 20-30 minutes a day.
  4. Log your food intake.  You might be surprised at what you are putting in your mouth. I sure was. Sugar, Sodium, Carbs – track them all with or other online logging program. You cannot change that which you are not aware of.
  5. Exercise quickly first thing in the morning. Get it over with. You know you won’t after work if you’re not already. Walk fast around the block or sprint/run up the street and back. Increase that heart rate before you eat.
  6. Fast intermittently. Fasting gives your body a break from food and can really help with weight loss especially around the belly area and for women over 40. I personally have found it helpful with normalizing my blood sugar. Intermittent fasting is not fasting for days at a time – it’s cutting out breakfast OR dinner. I don’t eat until 11 a.m and have not missed a thing except extra calories. Dr. Mercola explains it best here.
  7. Keep going and try new things till it works! You know it’s the long-term things we do for our health that matter. Everyone has bad days and even bad weeks. Ate too much this week? You know what to do. Didn’t exercise like you’d have liked? You know what to do. Try something new this month and like any goal, keep trying, exploring, asking until it works!


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