Five Reasons to Try a Tinted Moisturizer if You’re over 40

Five Reasons to Try a Tinted Moisturizer if You’re over 40

Five Reasons to Try a Tinted Moisturizer if You’re over 40

Thankfully, the decades of heavy, caked-on foundation are over. Using a Tinted Moisturizer might just be the best foundation coverage for women over 40.

Tinted moisturizer is pretty much a moisturizer plus a foundation and you may want to try a Tinted Moisturizer if you’re over 40 because:

  1. The moisturizing feature is an ideal addition for dry or aging skin. Tinted Moisturizers are applied over your regular moisturizer and the additional moisturizing is ideal for mature skin;
  2. TM’s give you a light feel with a very natural look;
  3. TM’s create a fresh dewy look as with the glow of youth;
  4. TM’s are very blendable and blend into skin, neck, decollete for a seamless look;
  5. They are sheer and breathable and lovely

Other Tips

The range of shades is smaller because they are sheer and blendable so enough that you don’t need a close match making them useable.

Sheer = thinner.

Opaque = creamy.

Apply with clean hands or an flat-top applicator such as a makeup brush or apply with a sponge.

For more coverage, use a foundation primer before applying your tinted moisturizer or apply a Mineral Foundation in a Glow or Matte Finish.

Ingredients to Consider

It is a bit harder to find an organic tinted moisturizer. Pure Anada offers the following certified organic, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free selections. Click here to view products.

Look for silicone-free as silicone, used as a filler, can be irritating to skin and accumulate. Save the silicone varieties for special occasions and not every day use.

If you need more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, consider a Liquid Foundation combined with a Mineral Foundation.

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