Four Easy Ways to Care for Your Hair

I have been fortunate enough to find a wonderful and talented hair stylist that is not only very, very good at what she does, she is also a 3rd generation hair-care professional. Monica’s grandfather was a barber and her father still cuts and styles hair in the small town we live in. Monica knows a lot about hair!

Monica not only colors, cuts and styles my hair, she is also continuously teaching me about how to care for my hair. Information I have never received from another hair stylist. Following are some of Monica’s tips for getting the most out of your hair care routine.

1. Use shampoo to wash your hair roots, not all of your hair. This will help keep your hair full and prevent the hair shaft from becoming too dry from over cleansing. Apply shampoo to hair roots, lather and rinse. The residual shampoo is enough to cleanse the remaining hair upon rinsing.

2. Only use cool to warm water to wash and rinse your hair. Avoid hot water. Cooler water temperatures will preserve the color, if you color your hair, and prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

3. Buy quality salon-grade products. You might save money initially on store bought products but long term you are spending a whole lot more because you are using more quantity to make up for the quality – example about conditioner below.

4. Condition only the ends of your hair to prevent build up. Shampoo is for the roots, conditioner is for the hair shaft. If you find you are using a lot of conditioner on your hair and going through bottles of it, the conditioner you are using is not penetrating or repairing the hair, it is just coating the outside. Buy a better conditioner and apply to the hair shaft. You will use less conditioner and it will work as it should work.

Here’s to better, healthier hair!


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