Four Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind to Relieve Stress

Four Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind to Relieve Stress

Why Meditate and Quiet Your Mind

For women, meditation can be a very powerful stress reliever. A potent practice and discipline which can clear the mind, balance hormones, reinforce your ability to focus during a day, and create an overall calmness of inner power and confidence.

Four Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind

  1. Light a candle. Focus on the flame. Every time your mind wanders (which it will), return your focus to the candle flame. Practice often.
  2. Try a guided meditation. YouTube has a variety of guided meditations to choose from. Topics from increasing sleep to chakra balancing. Search for a subject and find a guided meditation that fits you or try one of these from Deepak Chopra – guided meditations.
  3. Music without words. Sit upright in a chair. Play meditative music of your liking. Preferably with around 60 beats per minute (slow). 60 bpm is associated with the resting heartrate. Listen closely to the notes. When your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the music. Count the notes or the instruments or the beats.
  4. Mantra Meditation. Repeating a mantra during meditation gives your mind something to focus on besides your thoughts. Find a short mantra. Close your eyes. Listen to your breathing and repeat the mantra. Returning to the mantra when your mind wanders.

Taking Meditation to the Next Level

Time your meditations with a soft alarm – there are apps available for this – increase the length of your meditation time as you become more focused and your mind wanders less.

Practice sitting meditation. Sit upright in a chair on a meditation pillow. Strive to be as still as you can, increasing your ability to be still for longer amounts of time.

Use essential oils while meditating. Some good ones are: Frankincense for stillness and inner strength; Lavender for peace and calming the mind; Peppermint for present moment awareness for focus on your breathing; Lemon lifts the spirit and can help you gain clarity.

Meditation is a quiet practice with very incredibly powerful results. Stick with it, develop self-discipline and enjoy the rewards.

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