What is Clever Girl Beauty Tips?

Striving for Smart, Creative, Health-Driven, Stress-free Living

Inspiration. Beauty Tips. Ideas. Conversations. Things to try. Confidence. Improvement. Mind. Body. Health. Appearance. Sharing. Kindness. Motivation. Education. Fun.

My mission is to help others learn to feel good about themselves inside with confidence and balance and outside for how they would like to positively present themselves to the world.

This desire to help others feel confident has resonated with me my entire life.

I have always wanted everyone to feel safe, valued, confident, special and loved.

It is my Intention to help others with usable, inspiring, practical and pragmatic information.

I believe strongly that every woman should know her worth and that women have a powerful, undefinable significance in the world.

My biggest fear is that my body should leave this earth without ever helping another person.

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