Increase Your Intuition to Accomplish Your Goals

Increase Your Intuition to Accomplish Your Goals

Intuition is most commonly thought of as a feeling – a bad feeling one may have regarding a person or a situation. A sense that would warn us and keep us from being harmed.

Hair-raising instinctual thoughts have certainly protected me from horrible situations that even in hindsight are hard to imagine what would have happened without the power of instinct directing me remove myself from a situation, make a different decision, or otherwise do something entirely different. Thank you instinct!

Considering how powerful intuition is, think about how amazing it would be to apply intuition and instinct in a positive way – to improve your goals, situations, desires, relationships, and answers to your life questions in general.

Intuition and Goals

Increasing your intuition will improve your goal achievement by giving you the skills to tap into quicker decision making; clearer answers and solutions to problems; a sense of confidence that your choices are coming from a deeper place; increased creativity and inspiration.

Ways to increase your intuition:

1. Be quiet. Listen more and be quiet more often when in public. Observe people in your life who function more on the quiet, introverted realm. They are listening more often which gives them incredible skills to be more intuitive, they are innately using other senses to decipher what is occurring.

2. Meditate. Meditation quiets the mind, organizes thoughts and allows you to connect and improve the pineal gland functioning which in turn allows you to be always connected to the instinctual part of your brain. Feel the location of the pineal gland which is located between the two hemispheres of your brain and is the size of a grain of rice. Feel it’s presence. Focus on the third eye area between the brows. Ask for intuition around a subject while meditating.

3. Ask for an answer. Visualize something you want. Ask your intuition for the answer or next step to get you there. Really listen for the answer which may not come to you immediately. It may show up a few days later, in the night in bed, while you are driving – times the mind is relaxed. Keep asking questions and listening. As you build your power of intuition, the answers will come quicker.

Examples of questions you may ask:

What should I eliminate from my diet?

What do I need to do next in my business?

What do I need to communicate in my career?

Is there anyone I need to reach out to? To apologize, say a kind word, support?

What should I do next for _________________________ ?

When you receive an answer, take appropriate action.

4. Sound. Increase your intuition through your sense of sound. Listen for Five Sounds. Count and acknowledge what you are hearing. The first 3 sounds may come to you easily. Keep listening as there are others. By doing this, you are 1. Becoming very present to your surroundings; 2. Being quiet and 3. Building your hearing senses to hear sounds that are not immediately heard by your ears. This activity trains your brain that there are other things to pay attention to other than the loudest sound in a place or in your house. This will build your power of intuition through your sense of hearing. Try this when out in public at a busy restaurant, at work, or even at night in bed. 1,2,3,4,5

5. Sight. Increase your intuition through your sense of sight.

Notice five things with your eyes. Things you may not have really noticed before in your home or any location. One, two, three, four, five. With this activity, you are again 1. Being present; 2. Being quiet; and 3. Building your sense of sight to begin to notice more than just what is immediately apparent.

6. Be creative. Any type of artwork can be meditative and connect with your sense of touch. The easiest is coloring if you don’t have an immediate method. Coloring increases your connection with color and concentration and you can also work out a problem by coloring and asking for the solution. Plus it’s fun!

7. Work with your Dreams. Tap into your dreams. Dreams are important insights into our lives and what our night time brain is telling us. Often we ignore our dreams. Dream, write it down, investigate, consider what it could mean. Dreams are giving us a clue and often are filled with intuition if we just pay attention. You can even ask your conscious self to remember your dreams, or ask your dreams to give you an answer.

8. Believe. Give your intuition credit, acknowledge it, believe it and build confidence when you clearly recognize it has worked. Most of us ignore our intuition and discount it. By practicing, listening, acknowledging, you can bring it back out into the light as an ally and friend to assist us with everyday living. Acknowledge your intuition and surrender to its existence.

9. Sleep. Get plenty of sleep. Intuition stems from the pineal gland. The pineal gland Is responsible for making melatonin which helps regulate our sleep patterns. Good sleep helps the pineal gland do it’s work.

10. Sound Vibrations. Clear the pineal gland (the Third Eye) with sound. The tone associated with this area is Musical Note A. You can find some incredible sound recordings on YouTube with music/musical tones, beats specifically for pineal gland, intuition improvement and Third Eye Chakra clearing. Get out your headphones and enjoy some wonderful sound.

Definitions of Intuition to Consider

When developing intuition, consider this definition from Merriam-Webster best defines intuition as we are developing our powers of insight and awareness:

Intuition is

the power  to direct

knowledge or cognition

without evident rational thought and inference


Then, the following three definitions from Merriam-Webster are the end result goals we can obtain with the power of our intention:

1 : quick and ready insight;

2 : immediate apprehension or cognition;

3 : knowledge or conviction gained by intuition


Learn More About Intuition

Watch a Movie – There is a wonderful movie about intuition for streaming on Netflix called Inn Saei. Inn Saei means the Sea Within.

Read my post on the Pineal Gland. – Work with your Pineal Gland for Better Sleep, Anti-aging and Increased Intuition


Read or Listen to a book – Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

Have some fun building your very powerful intuition.










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