Makeup Application Tools – Part I – Why Own a Good Makeup Mirror

Makeup Application Tools – Part I – Why Own a Good Makeup Mirror

A Beauty Tool Every Woman Should Own

Chin and or upper lip hairs, stray eyebrow hairs, uneven eye-liner, irregular foundation coverage, incomplete concealer, mascara messiness on the eyelids, lipstick outside the lines – you know, the makeup mishaps we may not notice until we are in the car peering at ourselves in the rear-view mirror wondering what the heck we were doing when we put on our cosmetics.

Professionals use them, make-up artists rely on them and if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get a good makeup mirror.

Yes, the one with the magnification on one side. Some are lit with LED lights, some are wall mountable and others stand on your counter, sink drain, or vanity. Regardless of style, get one.

Lighting Matters!

Purchasing a mirror with or without lights may be decided by the lighting available in your bathroom. If you have poor lighting that cannot be remedied by changing a few light bulbs or light sources, then get a mirror with lights. LED lights have improved since they first hit the market, making it now possible to have a good light spectrum for makeup application.

Makeup mirrors can be found online for $25 – $200 depending upon style and functionality. You can even purchase a compact, LED makeup mirror like this one found at Impressions Vanity:

A good Mirror is Like the Friend who Lets you Know You Have Lettuce in your Teeth

Not so long ago, I received a wall-mountable magnifier as a gift. I had considered a magnifier mirror for many, many, many years. My personal hesitation in buying one for myself was that I was not sure I wanted to see my face that close up!

No matter what our age, it’s not fun to see our skin in all the light and magnification. As our eyes age, our eyesight for closeup activities diminishes. Applying mascara and eyeliner become more challenging with time. We all know those much older women with mascara on their eyelids.

Magnification and good lighting are like good friends – letting you know your beauty, your flaws and your opportunities for improvement before you go out in public.

We Cannot Fix or Improve Upon What We Do Not Know About

We may not like fully what we see but the closeup magnification of a mirror lets us drastically improve our makeup application ability and overall look. Feeling confident and comfortable I believe is the best part of good cosmetics and cosmetics application.

Confidence is gained when:

You leave the house feeling confident with how you look without the surprise of getting out into the natural light and wondering what the heck you were doing!

Better choices about cosmetic colors that compliment your skin tones are made. Cut it out with the orange lipstick and bright blue eye shadow already.

Benefits of a Makeup Mirror

Balance and evenness with color and shape is achieved when coloring in your brows with a pencil or powder. See my post on eyebrows.

Mascara application goes well and one can actually see if one got any on one’s eyelids.

Successful hair plucking maintenance is quicker and more effective without squinting.

Applying concealer and foundation is smoother. Seeing splotches and discolorations needing coverage is more apparent. See my post on tinted moisturizers.

Lining the eyes with a lip liner or applying an eye liner to your lips doesn’t occur anymore. When you apply the lip liner to your lips and the eye liner to your eyes as it should be, the application is far more precise.


I was thinking lately of the beautiful older women I know and in addition to their undeniable natural beauty, what I find attractive about them is that they have taken the time to understand how to look their best for them. Utilizing tools for our own beauty such as good mirrors, good lighting, good makeup brushes and knowledge, we too can build our own confidence about the skin we’re in.

Here’s to all of us learning and understanding more so we can be, look and feel our best at every age.

With Love and Confidence,




Signe Holiday


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