Makeup Application Tools – Part II – Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup Application

Makeup Application Tools – Part II – Best Bathroom Lighting for Makeup Application

I love lamps and lights and lighting. My husband is an electrician and there are frequent electrical and lighting requests from me around our house for dimmers, additional lighting, repair of antique lamps, new and better light bulbs. I see the improvement possibilities and luckily, he has the skills to fulfill the requests.

One of my pet peeves is bad lighting. Be it in the restaurant women’s bathroom; the clothing stores; or at my home for myself and my guests.

Improper lighting disturbs our choices, our moods, and our ability to see well. The benefits of good lighting for makeup application are many and lighting can be easy be improved.

Poor Lighting Affects our Choices

Working in a high-end clothing store gave me appreciation for the effects of lighting. If the light is poor – too yellow, too blue, to stark, the customer doesn’t like what she sees and either a purchase is not made or the items are returned when she gets home and sees herself in natural light.

Just as lighting in clothing stores is important, the type of light in your bathroom makes an incredible difference in your makeup application, your makeup color choices, how you end up looking in public and ultimately how you feel about yourself and your appearance.

Lighting for makeup application is not about perfection but if you are going to wear makeup, you may as well have it be true, complimentary, comfortable and empower you to feel good.

The Best Light is Natural Light

Natural sunlight is the best of course. However, evenly diffused light is needed to eliminate shadowing from the side or above light sources when applying makeup.

If you are fortunate enough to have a bathroom with natural lighting, make sure to look straight on at the light source for evenness of color when applying makeup.

For the rest of us, bulb choices make all the difference.

Bulb Types and Bulb Color Unfavorably Impact Your Makeup Decisions

Cool fluorescent light is the worst. It is harsh, overly bright and can look very unflattering. Because skin tones appear washed out, you may be using the wrong color foundation or applying too much blush, bronzer or lipstick to give your face some color. Upon going outdoors and out in public, it becomes apparent you’ve overdone the color.

Yellow light creates a sickly skin appearance and is very unmotivating to even try to look your best. Think bug light.

Pink Light is a trickster as it gives an illusion of looking healthy and vibrant yet you may miss the coverup and coverage.

Blue light plays tricks. Blue does not reflect red tones so any reddish spots will absorb blue light, darkening and accentuating the area therefore, you may go overboard with your concealer or use an inappropriate color for coverage.

Warm white is the best for everyone and when makeup is applied in warm white light, you are going to look best in all lighting outside of your bathroom.

The Best Light Bulbs for Makeup

The best light bulbs for applying makeup in your bathroom are Warm Light bulbs at 75  to 100 watts.

This choice gives the best bright, even illumination.

LED lights shaped like a standard light bulb are now available in warm light.

Shop online for a better variety of bulbs from online retailers such as I love their variety and information about bulbs and lighting practices.

Other Lighting and Cosmetics’ Tips

If it’s too complicated to change out your bathroom lighting, purchase a mirror with lights – see post on why you should own a magnifying bathroom mirror.

Consider a dimmer in the bathroom. A dimmer is useful adjust the light so you can see yourself in different light tones as you prepare for an evening out or a day outside at an event.

Shop during the daytime for cosmetics and bring your own light source such as a handheld LED makeup mirror such as this one from Impressions Vanity Company.

Or, when shopping, go out in natural light when testing cosmetics with a hand mirror if possible.

Try a tinted moisturizer for aging skin. See my post on why.

Try a light-reflective foundation or highlighter as they help camouflage dullness and disguise red areas and under-eye circles.


We have a mirror by our front door which gets a lot of natural light – a tell all for every flaw. Since changing up my bathroom lights and using a magnification mirror, I no longer cringe when I check myself before leaving the house. Changing your lighting and lighting source is an inexpensive way to improve your makeup application.

The benefits of good lighting and a magnification mirror for makeup application include:

  • Liking how you look and feeling confident about yourself when you look in the mirror (priceless);
  • Making better choices about color (including your hair color);
  • Gifting your visitors and guests with feeling good about how they look;
  • And ultimately saving you money by saving your bad cosmetics choices from the makeup graveyard

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