Nine Tips for Eating Healthy this Thanksgiving

Nine Tips for Eating Healthy this Thanksgiving

I am with you that Thanksgiving is a day to indulge a bit, however, if you are like me, you have had years filled with regret about over over-indulging, being overweight and justifying that it is the holidays.

We know that there is no real answer to “how to lose weight fast”, so we must plan and pace ourselves for a healthy body.

Hopefully you are with me in at least not gaining any weight this holiday season. Weight loss would be an unreasonable stretch for myself, yet maintaining my weight, I have done before and at the end of the holiday season, I was far happier with myself.

With me? Let’s start now!

Thanksgiving Day Tips:

1. Move in the morning – even if it is just a little bit – walk around the block; run a mile with the dog; if counting steps, go for 5k steps; join a morning Turkey Trot

2. Drink plenty of water in the morning, before eating and with your meal

3. Fill your plate with green veggies or fill up on the veggie plate before filling your plate

4. Enjoy the yearly treats, just keep the portions moderate and if you really don’t care for something, don’t eat it

5. Savor every bite. No need to shovel it in. Leftovers are likely

6. Eat a sensible breakfast such as yogurt and fruit or plain eggs

7. Limit your sugar intake which includes sweets, breads and alcohol

8. Eat sitting up straight as you will be more aware of your body versus standing or slouching over

9. Move after eating. Walk and talk with your friends or family before having a nap or watching football


Happiest and Healthiest of Thanksgivings and let’s look forward to being the best we can be in the upcoming year.

Much love,





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