Reminder to Embrace Your Gratitude for Even the Bad Stuff

Reminder to Embrace Your Gratitude for Even the Bad Stuff

Unwanted situations, uncomfortable events, undesirable people happen for every one.

Within these words is our little reminder that gratitude is not just for appreciating the good stuff in life, but also the unwanted.

Gratitude for the undesirable takes an incredible amount of self-discipline of the mind, sometimes lots of self-discipline yet the rewards of peace, understanding, thought control and access to solution-based results to problems is very worth the work of switching to feelings of thankfulness.

What in your life is occurring or has occurred in the past that you can turn around with some gratitude?

Our egos want to pick at situations we don’t like as the ego wants to be in control, prove to others, and ourselves how “right” we are about how bad something is.

Can’t you see how bad this is?

I often remind myself that my mind’s default setting wants to go towards the negative and then remind myself how I need to work at being the boss of my thoughts (I am in control) and to switch my thinking.

I was recalling lately how I was out shopping at a mall one summer day a few years ago and may have visited 10 stores. Every person in 9 of those stores was friendly, helpful, lovely, wonderful. There was 1 store. One store out of ten where I had a miserable experience with a store clerk. Where did my mind focus? On the One experience of the day. I complained to my family how terrible this person was to me and on and on and on until I realized it was One person out of Ten.

I believe we all do this. Take an otherwise perfect day/week/life and consume ourselves with the one negative incident.

This is the same with our gratitude – or non-gratitude – it is sometimes challenging to see the good parts at first yet they exist and are often glaring at our distracted mind like a young child just waiting for acknowledgement and attention.

Here I am. Gratitude.

My reminder to you: Build the habit of gratitude. Feel the gratitude. Switch it around. Even for past events so you can move forward. Give it a try and see how you feel and how your mind opens up to opportunities, possibilities and solutions.

I am sharing a few of my own gratitude’s I had to switch:

  • I truly am grateful that the economy in Phoenix tanked in 2007 and my husband and I could not find any work because if that did not happen, we would never have moved to Taos, New Mexico – the best place we ever lived and we are happier than ever could have been ever in Phoenix.
  • I am grateful for my “not fancy and old” little car that runs and runs and runs and is completely paid for.
  • I am really grateful to “that guy” who broke my heart in a hundred pieces and left me because I would never, ever had met my now perfect-for-me husband of 20 years who is far better than “that guy”. What was I thinking?

The hardest, life-changing gratitude I have worked on reminds me of this quote from Tony Robbins:

“If you’re going to blame people for all the shit, then you better blame them for all the good too.”

My biggest switch to gratitude is:

  • I am grateful to my alcoholic step-dad because I learned from him to be strong, to protect myself from angry people and that no one can ever scare me like he has. I am very grateful to have had this lesson.

I know you know what to do.

Now, what are you grateful for?

With Love,






Signe Holiday

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