Six Steps to Define and Accomplish Your Desires and Goals

Six Steps to Define and Accomplish Your Desires and Goals

Goal Setting, New Year Resolutions, Dreams, Desires. Yes, yes, yes, yes! You must. You can. Keep it simple, achievable, repeatable, trackable, rewardable.

Fancy planners and systems are great and there are many wonderful ways to plan and accomplish tasks. Some of us love the technical/detailed way more than others.

I prefer simple and achievable using a simple notebook/notepad/steno-pad; a wall calendar, and some other free tools to get things done.

I also prefer the Holistic Goals approach as it encompasses not just one specific area such as just weight loss or health but overall desires including family, fun, health and sometimes the more serious accomplishments. All connected.

Go for 2-4 Main Goals in a year, 7-10 Goals overall and break them down to 1-3 per month. Some take the entire year or more, others will be done in a month.

Step One. Define What you Want. This May be a New Way!

This exercise will help you Be Specific and Clear and Prioritize what you want to accomplish.

You can use it at the beginning of a year only once, at the beginning of each month, or periodically when you are in need of goal defining.

My mother taught me this technique as a teenager and I use it frequently to get very clear about what I want to do, what I desire to accomplish, and to define any incomplete or outstanding goals in my life.

Go back to this activity anytime you are needing more clarity.

As you use it over time, you will find it satisfying to see how in different years the priorities of the categories change. Two years ago, for example, I had a lot of items listed in the Health Category which I accomplished and crossed of my list using this process. This year, I have more items listed in a Business Goals Category.

First, take a sheet of paper or if you have one use a Steno Notebook with the line down the middle.

On the left side of the paper, create Categories with space below each category and first just free write all goals and desires for each category. Brainstorm and write it all out.

Examples of Categories and Possible Goals for the Category:


Call my brother weekly

Create a time to visit my Aunt in California

Spend quality time with my kids every Saturday

Career and/or Business

Increase accounts by 12 this year


Pay off loan to brother


Fix Teeth

Check Up

Lose 10 pounds



Mend clothing


Trip to the Beach

Second, after you have brainstormed all ideas for each Category, consider in each category which are most important and number in order of importance. Cross off any that are duplicates or not really as important.

Third, make your Master List in categories (you may need to rewrite them).

For your Big Goals that need your clear Why, continue on to Step Two.

Step Two. Why.

Be very clear on your why. Some why’s are apparent such as wanting a great smile to look good = get your teeth fixed. This can be motivating in itself. (this was one of my goals last year which I accomplished one tooth at a time).

Other whys may need some reminding when you want to lose weight and are standing in the kitchen in front of your husband’s candy stash. Why? Recall that wedding in June and how you want to look great in the pictures!

Make a note of your whys for the big longer term goals for Step Four.

Step Three. List Actions and Intentions.

With your categories listed by priority and your notes made for your whys, list Actions.

On the right side of the paper, list actions you need to take for each goal in your category. You may not know all the actions needed but start with what you do know.

Some action items are easy and can be completed immediately (such as calling your brother).

Others take some time to work backwards to break down the goal actions such as weight loss.

Example, weight loss goal of 20 pounds in two months, calculate backwards. How many pounds per week is this? List how you are going to do this, post this on your fridge for example.

List of Intentions

  • Cut out carbs
  • Cut out Sugar
  • Exercise Daily
  • Drink one Gallon of Water a Day

Note: I like to make these lists with exaggerated intentions and if I hit a bit below, then excellent!

Step Four. Motivate with Your Why.

If you need reminding and motivation in your physical world for your larger goals, type them up, print them, frame them or post it on your mirror in your bathroom, in your car, or on your refrigerator door to read every day.

Hint: move the list around to different parts of the mirror, refrigerator or area frequently so the list gets noticed.

With your printed list of goals you’ve posted around your house, desk, car,  Ask yourself every morning, “How can I take action towards this goal today?” and Do the Action.

If you are a visual person, I highly recommend a Vision Board – they are really fun and if feeling doubtful, seeing images of the beach in Australia can remind you.

I save images from the web into a word document, print in color (or take to a printers), cut out and hang with ribbon and paperclips on the wall in my meditation area. Visual reminders of what we want are very motivating and I like to know that some of the things I want already exist in the world.

Step Five. Track.

Tracking is incredibly important as tracking keeps you in the know of where you are at regarding your goals.

Programs such as Weight Watchers work because of the formula “what gets measured gets done”.

Example: If you know how much you weigh each week, you can track and measure if your reduction of carbohydrates is helping your weight loss. No weigh in, no idea where you are at.

Things to Track and Measure May Be:

  • Your Weight;
  • Balance of Debt you are Paying off;
  • Blood Sugar;
  • Sugar Intake;
  • Daily Calories;

You get the idea, yet so many people don’t do this almost like they don’t want to know!

Tools for tracking

Weight loss

  • MyFitnessPal, MyPlate and LoseIt! – apps for your phone/computer. Basic apps are free. Great for tracking food intake, water consumption, calories, exercise. If you begin tracking your food, you may be astounded about some food items.


  • Mint and YouNeedABudget – apps for tracking expenses.

Basic Wall Calendar

  • Keep it in your bathroom. Write your accomplishments/actions you took daily, give yourself a check mark.

Day-Timer or printable monthly google calendar

  • Print out, for the week, write in actions to take, check off items you completed. Keep it simple.

Step Six. The Satisfaction.

Reward yourself with checking off or crossing off daily actions taken via your calendar(s). This activity can be very satisfying.

Actions you take daily or weekly or monthly towards your goal are important and you should acknowledge yourself for every step – for motivation!

Say to yourself every morning: “Today I take action towards my goals!” [Tony Robins]. Then decide what are the top three actions you need to take that day to get you closer to your goal and do those actions.

I like to list on my bathroom wall calendar each day any small steps such as:

  • 10k Steps Walked
  • 1 Gallon of Water Consumed
  • Meditated 45 Minutes
  • Exercised/Went to the Gym
  • Made a payment on my loan to my brother

Another way to reinforce satisfaction is to list all the actions you took and/or things you did right in your day.

Acknowledging that you did something will make you want to do more. Try it for a week and see!

Books You May Want to Read or Listen To for Motivation for Your Goals – Some of my Favorites

Money: You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero

Diet: Sugar Impact Diet by JJ Virgin

If you like planning: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Just for Motivation: Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Goal Achieving: Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals by Michael Hyatt


Keep defining, tracking, rewarding, taking actions and believing in yourself!

Much love,


Signe Holiday

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