The #1 Thing You Can Do Today to Immediately Break Your Sugar Cravings

The #1 Thing You Can Do Today to Immediately Break Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar Love

Ahhh sugar, that handsome devil of an addictive love affair that has us wanting, craving, obsessing for more. Attractive, luscious, kissing our tastebuds, making our mouths water at the thought of the sweet, sometimes creamy, lickable, often lip-licking, wanted fixation of our desire.

Sugar is a preoccupation of the most destructive kind – a habit which grabs ahold of us with strong physical temptation and eventually leaves us crashing, exhausted, depressed. Sitting on the couch craving more.

Anyone who has experienced this bad boy of pleasure and has tried to break the habit knows how hard it can be to stop the cycle. We know sugar is bad for us… yet like with any addiction, the breakup can be rough.

The reasons for sugar cravings are complex and there are many things you can do to permanently wean yourself of this destructive love affair. An affair that can come and go in a day, in a week, in a month, in a lifetime.

What You Can Do

If you are seeking a fast reset, the number one thing you can do to immediately to break the cycle is to drink a tablespoon of raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a half glass (4 oz) of water. This tart, powerful, natural substance is the defender of your honor in your desire to breakup with sugar!  Your best friend, your ally, your healthy alternate lover in putting your health and yourself first before sugar.

If you are thinking, “no way, I despise that tart taste” and your taste buds are furious with the thought, then no surprise. For us that have the sweet tooth of taste, a sour counterpart can initially appear to be the enemy. This is exactly part of why ACV works so well. You cannot fight a battle or make a change with something of the same.

One trick is to drink it as cold as it can be – cold water, cold ACV, and maybe even one ice cube to swirl around in the glass to cool it down. Another trick is to drink ACV before you go to bed and/or even first thing in the morning. Drinking before bed can set you up for less sugar desire in the morning – one of my favorite times to drink this natural medicine. And always, drink it quick – power it down before your tongue knows what has happened.

Best general practice is to drink it after a sugar binge you cannot seem to break or control – after the holidays, after a party or weekend celebration. Think of ACV as your new lover who in the form of food is medicine wants the best for you and your body.

How it Works!

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar helps sugar cravings by doing the following:

  • sour counteracts sweet
  • regulates and controls blood glucose levels
  • creates a healthy gut bacteria therefore may reduce the craving for sugary foods by giving sugars nothing to feed upon

For more on ACV, read Dr. Mercola’s Article What the Research Really Says about Apple Cider Vinegar

For more on breaking the sugar habit, read my book review on JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet.


Much love,


Signe Holiday

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