The Best Facelift Without Surgery

The Best Facelift Without Surgery

The Best Facelift Without Surgery

A surgical facelift has one major purpose – to make you look younger!

With the price of being dangerous; painful and cost a whole lot of money. I am forever in search of options, options, options for looking great. I believe the best facelift without surgery is great eyebrow design.

Safe, a little painful yes, but affordable and not particularly dangerous.

Eyebrows make a statement

Eyebrows are one of the most important and yet most overlooked features on a person’s face. Imagine for a moment, a face without brows – we may not grasp immediately what is missing yet something, a blankness, a loss of expression, nowhere to guide our gaze into another’s eyes as we look into their face. Eyebrows frame and lift and when it comes to looking great they are the facial feature that with the right attention can be comparable to a facelift without the surgery.

Full, defined brows are associated with youth as everyone’s brows are fuller when they’re younger. Brows get sparser and can fade over time.

Fun Fact

In a study published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where subjects were asked to identify celebrities with either their eyes or their eyebrows digitally edited out, the subjects were able to recognize the celebrity 46% of the time with their eyebrows edited out, compared to 56% of the time with their eyes edited out. The findings indicate the importance of eyebrows in providing clues to an individual’s identity.

Famous Celebrity Eyebrows

When you think of the following celebrities/artists, the images in your mind certainly include the brows:

Frieda Kahlo

Audrey Hepburn

Brooke Shields in the 80’s (she now has lovely tamed eyebrows appropriate for her age)

Kim Kardashian

All of the above above-mentioned faces have one thing in common – their faces would not be as familiar without their eyebrows.

Eyebrow Trends

Of course, no need to have your brows make a statement of uniqueness (unless you are all about that – check out these wild new trends ) yet working with our brows to make us look age appropriate and great – that’s the importance of eyebrows in every day beauty.

As we age, our eyebrows turn gray, thin out, lose color – or the opposite – become unwieldy and unkempt. My hair color over time has gone from a very light blonde to more of a light brown dirty blonde color. My brows however became lighter and lighter with a few gray strands so far. The contrast of lighter brows and darker hair I realized was making my face look bland without definition.

The Book

In my early 40’s, I came across Charla Krupp’s Book How Not to Look Old – Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better [click link to go my book review of Charla’s book]. Charla’s book thankfully brought my fast dissolving and disappearing brows to my attention. Previously, eyebrows were not anything I had to concentrate upon, my brows were brown and my hair a shade lighter. Several of my friends who always had dark, thick, wild brows, had always had attention on their facelifters because they had to. I had never considered them much.

After the first brow tint and brow design, I immediately received several compliments about my appearance with the new, defined brows. What I noticed is the darker tint to my brows emphasized my eyes and complimented my darkening base hair color.

Well-designed eyebrows give a person the appearance of looking younger by lifting the eye, bringing attention to the eyes by emphasizing a deepness of color in the eye and the brow and framing the face.

A Tip Based on A Dressing Trick

There is a trick in wardrobing where you wear a necklace to bring another’s the eye up and away from the mid-section and waste to look at the neckline therefore de-emphasizing the mid-section.  A way to play down the extra weight visually. Same with brows, they bring the beholders eye up into the eyes.

Suggestions on How to Achieve Great Eyebrows – Eyebrow Tinting and Eyebrow Design

1. Not sure yet: Find a good eyebrow pencil in a complimentary color or powdered brow color and a good applicator brush. Check here for recommendations. Powder fills in thin areas and pumps up fading color, but if you have bald spots in your brows, use a pencil first, then apply powder on top for more coverage.


2. Interested: Hire a professional brow stylist. A professional eyebrow designer will tint and/or shape your brows. This person specializes in color matching and how to shape a brow to emphasize eye and face shape. I believe this is the best way to begin and for some, the only way to go.


3. Ready for some easy color: If you are just needing color to go with your well-shaped brows and you are already having your hair colored by a professional stylist, ask him or her to color your brows while they are styling your hair. Many hairstylists are well-trained in color matching and can suggest and apply the perfect shade.


4. Feeling confident: Color and style your brows at home. If you are comfortable enough, purchase a brow tint online and a good pair of tweezers. I have grown into doing this after working with a professional enough to get an idea. My brows were not needing a lot of tweezering and I found a color that worked for me. Go slow with the darkness of the color here. You can always re-dye in a few weeks if the dye is not dark enough as the kit comes with several applications.


5. Feeling really ready: Consider eyebrow tatooing which is great if you have little hair. Note: Brow tatooing has greatly improved.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading is a very popular method of eyebrow shaping and design. I personally tried it a few times and I did find it gentle yet not very defining for eyebrow shaping and is not the preferred method for me.

Eyebrow Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs for many reasons including hormones (decrease in estrogen), aging, chemotherapy, nutrient deficiencies, auto-immune diseases, allergies, thyroid problems, medication reactions. Speak with your doctor if you have noticed a drastic loss in eyebrow hair. Hormones are very powerful and having them tested and naturally adjusted can be very helpful.

For something to try for growing your brow hair, check out this Easy 2 Ingredient, DIY Recipe for Eyebrow Regrowth Serum 

Eyebrow Regrowth Serum

November 2, 2017

Make your own eyebrow regrowth serum with only two ingredients!


  • Step 1 Castor Oil is known for balancing pH has hair loving amino acids and Omega-9 fatty acid.
  • Step 2 Rosemary Essential Oil of a good quality is stimulant that increases blood flow to hair follicles.
  • Step 3 In a Mascara Tube (found on amazon), or any glass or plastic container, combine 2 tbs Castor Oil with five drops Rosemary Essential Oil.
  • Step 4 Apply to eyebrows only with a mascara brush or Qtip. Use once a day for effective results and do not get into eyes or use on eyelashes.
  • Step 5 Some may find Rosemary Essential Oil very strong and if so, increase Castor Oil into mixture.

Have Fun!

Have fun with those brows and let me know how it goes and let me know if you have any suggestions for creating brows that impress!

Much love,


Signe Holiday

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