Winter Self Care Activities and Ideas Plus A Mandala to Color

Winter Self Care Activities and Ideas Plus A Mandala to Color

Winter: 30 Days of Self Care

This self-care list includes ideas and activities for self based on Good Food; Self-Love; Fun; Learning; Relaxation; Quiet; Creativity; Gratitude; Nature; Movement

Also included is a mandala to color for some quiet time. Click Here for the Printable List and Mandala

Suggested Use:

Pick 3, Complete.

Pick 3 More, Complete.


The List:

  1. Take an Apple Cider Vinegar Bath to relieve dry skin
  2. Buy a new toothbrush, use it
  3. Before bed or on a weekend, rub down with coconut oil for dry skin – apply to face, hands, all over if needed
  4. Drink extra amounts of water
  5. Say five nice things to yourself about yourself – with enthusiasm
  6. Breathe in relaxation, breathe out stress
  7. Focus on feelings of LOVE towards yourself, towards your family, towards a friend, towards a coworker, towards a neighbor, towards your pet(s)
  8. Write it out. Write out feelings you are having about a situation. Don’t judge the words, just write, write, write until a solution comes
  9. Wear some worry beads or prayer beads, especially if you are missing someone or feeling anxious
  10. Lie down on a mat or blanket and stretch, stretch, stretch to release tension and loosen tight muscles and joints
  11. Take a walk for at least 30 minutes
  12. Run, Yoga, Walk with Intention. Work out a problem while you do
  13. Reduce your sugar intake, this includes carbohydrates of breads and pastas for a week (7 days) to see how you feel
  14. Sneak in some vegetables with
    1. Cucumbers, carrots with hummus
    2. Celery and almond butter
    3. Cauliflower and canned tomatoes
    4. Broccoli with Quinoa
  15. Be Present for at least Five Minutes
  16. Let go of something and surrender to the solution
  17. Practice Gratitude. List mentally or write 10 things you are grateful for
  18. Go Outdoors, sit in the sun, close your eyes, allow the light to enter your pineal gland
  19. Meditate or pray for 45 minutes
  20. Enjoy some quiet time – a bath, a book, a nap
  21. Hang out a bit with spirit/God. Let them know you are listening and you acknowledge their presence and that you need assistance if you do
  22. Hug your kids, hug your partner, hug a friend, hug yourself tight
  23. Buy yourself flowers. Breathe in their scent
  24. Envision love and forgiveness to someone who is annoying you
  25. Color in a coloring book or on a coloring page. Work out a problem while coloring
  26. Read, listen, learn something inspiring to you
  27. Get a massage
  28. Help someone. Do something nice for someone without overextending yourself
  29. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure
  30. Watch a Romantic or Funny Movie – a film that will make you feel happy!


With Love and Relaxation,

Signe Holiday

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Get The Printable Mandala to Color Here

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